*Application at bottom of page.

This application applies to one of the following:


  1. Side lot add-on – non building
  2. Minor subdivision 1-4 lots
  3. Major subdivision 4 lots or more
  4. Land use
  5. Commercial land use


Side lot add-on or non building

No Zoning or Building Permit required.


Minor or Major Subdivision

Once the subdivision is approved and if you intend to build on the lot(s) you must apply for a Zoning and Building Permit.  The applications are available at the Bradford Township Office


Commercial or Residential Land Use

You must first apply for a Zoning Permit.  A copy of your Zoning Applications must accompany the Land Use application.



The Planning Commission meets the 2nd second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm.  Prior notification that you or a representive will be present at the meeting would be appreciated.  If you should have questions before the meeting please call the Bradford Township office (814 368-3564) to leave a message and someone from the planning commission will contact you.


The completed application and plans must be brought before the Bradford Township Planning Commission by the buyer, seller, engineer, lawyer or surveyor.  This person(s) must be able to answer the questions pertaining to the application.  Meeting with the board early in the process will save time and money to help the approval process.  The approval process could take several months depending on the complexity of the project.


The following may be required for approval of the application:

1. Apply for a SEWER PERMIT at the Municipal Building and pay a predetermined fee for hook-up to the Township’s Sewer System.  The sewer tap-in will be granted upon approval of the Bradford City Sanitary Sewer Authority at their regular meeting which meets the third Tuesday of every month.


2. Contact the Bradford Township Sewer Enforcement Officer for an ON-LOT SEPTIC SYSTEM if the Township’s Sewer System is not located in the area of the building site.  Rules and Regulations for On-Lot Sewer Systems will be furnished with the application for a permit.  Please call our office for the name and phone number of the Sewer Enforcement Officer. 


3. Permits for Sewage Module from the DEP - wet land investigation, soil and Sedimentation Plans.


  • If connecting onto the Bradford City Water you must have a letter of approval from the Bradford City Water Authority.
  • If access onto a lot is to be from a Township Road, a ROAD OCCUPANCY PERMIT is required.  Fee is based upon the type of project (i.e. driveway).  The Permit is issued at the Municipal Building.  If access onto a lot is to be from a State Highway you must contact PennDot to obtain a permit.  The permit must accompany the application and plans.
  • A copy of your application and plans must be sent to the McKean County Planning Commission for review and comments.  Your surveyor will send in your plans.  Otherwise please contact the Bradford Township Office.
  • Once the Planning Commission has reviewed the plans and application the maps will be signed by the Planning Commission members and the Board of Supervisors.  The Bradford Township office will call to advise when the maps are signed.  The maps must be picked up and recorded at the McKean County Courthouse at the Recorder of Deeds office.  FINAL APPROVAL CANNNOT BE GIVEN UNTIL THE BRADFORD TOWNSHIP PLANNING COMMISSION RECEIVES ONE COPY OF THE RECORDED PLAN.


  • Should the application for a Subdivision or Land Development be denied, a HEARING will be scheduled for the applicant to request a VARIANCE.  Applicant will be required to pay a predetermined fee for the hearing.
Subdivision Application
This packet includes everything you need to apply for a subdivision.
Subdivision Permit.pdf
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