Garbage Pick-Up Dates


High Street from Minard Run to City Limits

will be picked up on Thursday

Street Day   Street Day
Ann Lane Wednesday   Anthony Lane Wednesday
Applewood Lane Friday   Berva Dr. Wednesday
Boss Ave. Monday   Brown Ave. Monday
Browntown Rd. Friday   Cable St. Monday
Castle Dr. Tuesday   Campus Dr. Thursday
Cedar St. Thursday   Chatham Lane Wednesday
Clarks Lane Thursday   Clubview Dr. Friday
Congress St. Thursday   Creekside Dr. Friday
Crookerhouse Lane Thursday   Debra Lane Monday
Dennis Lane Tuesday   Dorothy Lane (N) Tuesday
Dorothy Lane (S) Tuesday   East Warren Rd. Thursday
Edgewood Rd. Monday   Emery Ave. (W) Monday
Emery Ave. (E) Monday   Erickson Drive Wednesday
Fernwood Dr. Wednesday   Fiske Ave. Monday
Fleetwood Dr. Wednesday   Forest Hill Dr. Wednesday
Foster Dr. Tuesday   Foster Hollow Friday
Fuller Rd. Friday   Gates Hollow Tuesday
Gilbert Lane Wednesday   Glendorn Dr. Thursday
Glycerin Hollow Friday   Gray St. Thursday
Gregory Ave. Tuesday   Hedgehog Lane Wednesday
Helen Lane Wednesday   Hemlock St. Thursday
High St. Friday   Hillcrest Dr. Wednesday
Interstate Parkway Monday   Iroquois Dr. Monday
Irving Lane Monday   Jack St. Friday
Jay Way Thursday   Joseph Lane Thursday
Julie Lane Wednesday   Keane Lane Thursday
Kloss Lane Wednesday   Lane St. Tuesday
Langley Dr. Friday   Langmaid Lane Thursday
Little Gilbert Lane Wednesday   Louette Dr. Tuesday
Minard Run Rd. Friday   Munn Rd. Thursday
Neil Drive Friday   Nelson Ave. Tuesday
Niles Hollow Thursday   Nookside Lane Monday
N. Bennett St. Ext. Monday   Orchard Valley Rd. Friday
Parkway Lane Monday   Paul's Lane Wednesday
Peach St. Friday   Pear St. Friday
Pennbrook Dr. Thursday   Pennhills Dr. Friday
Pleasant Lane Tuesday   Plum St. Friday
Poplin Ave. Monday   Rodgar Lane Tueday
Robinhood Lane Tuesday   Ronald Rd. Wednesday
Royal Ave. Monday   Rutherford Run Monday
Schoolhouse Lane Thursday   Shep Run Road Thursday
Sleepy Hollow Wednesday   Songbird Rd. Thursday
South Ave. Friday   South Ave. Thursday
(708-1448 EVEN) Friday   (416-694 EVEN) Thursday
(729-1443 ODD) Friday   (419-685 ODD) Thursday
Southgate Rd. Monday   Spruce St. Thursday
Stephen Lane Wednesday   Storm Circle Monday
Sullivan Rd. Monday   Susquehanna Rd. Friday
Taylor Dr. Tuesday   Thomas Rd. Monday
Tibbits Hollow Friday   Van Tassel Way Wednesday
Vernon Rd. Tuesday   Vista Ave. Ext. Monday
Wagner Ave. Tuesday   Waldo Ave. Tuesday
West Corydon St. Thursday   West End Dr. Tuesday
West Washington Tuesday   West Washington Wednesday
(319-693 ODD) Tuesday   (695-2179 ODD) Wednesday
(248-710 EVEN) Tuesday   (716-2186 EVEN) Wednesday
West Warren Rd. Thursday   Willard Ave. Ext. Monday
Willowdale Dr. Wednesday   Woodland Lane Wednesday
Woodland Hollow Wednesday   Wynnwood Lane Wednesday
Zooks Nook Monday